Production of own concrete.

The average productivity of 200 cubic meters per day.

Marks concrete:
– В 7,5 (М100) F 75, W 8
– В 15 (М200) F 100, W 10
– В 20 (М250) F 100, W 10
– В 25 (М350) F 150, W 12
– В 30 (М400) F 150, W 12

Construction of concrete silos, dams, monolithic floors, foundations and concrete walls of any complexity.

Production and installation of steel structures (total capacity of 200 tons per month):
– The actual production of steel structures;
– Manufacture and installation of metal structures of any complexity;
– High-rise work – assembling and welding works at height;
– Construction of structures based on iron frame and light panels.

Installation of equipment (more than 70 employees in a team of installers), including installation of production lines and equipment:
– Elevators;
– Vegetable stores;
– Canneries;
– Pig;
– Feed mill.

Infrastructure and communications:
– Placement of engineering networks and communications;
– Construction of concrete roads;
– Internal communication;
– Internal engineering networks.

Construction of Elevators and granaries:
– The project of construction (reconstruction) of the elevator;
– Technical audit of the elevator;
– Recommendations and equipment selection;
– Comprehensive construction elevator to commissioning.

Building of vegetable stores and fruit stores:
– Selection of refrigeration technology;
– Supply and installation of equipment;
– Construction of the facility and commissioning.

Building of pigpens and barns:
– Selection of equipment;
– Supply and installation of equipment;
– Construction of the facility and commissioning..